You can use stories at every stage of the sales process: explaining product features, handling objections, answering questions, and negotiating. This is the audio from a webinar I did on The Sales Experts Channel … Not only does this success story demonstrate an independent sales organisations' ability to solve problems, it showcases an understanding of business, markets and methods. Sales promotion ideas and examples to increase sales. Again, there’s an example of each of these stories in the book Sell with a Story. The story is brought to life through data & figures, difficulties on the way to success, and specific ways in which the customer used the solution. During interviews, a quick-hitting story can make or reinforce a point in memorable fashion. Then, when he reached the decision-making Sales VP, he had two solid sales champions on his side. During the call, Rick touts that his firm prides itself on exceptional customer service. BufferBuffer’s one of our favorite content marketing examples, due to their three-pronged content marketing strategy.The compan… I used contrasting stories about those who bought/not bought my products. This is how to capture the wisdom from the sales call for your boss, peers, or the next generation of salespeople calling on your customer. Congratulations. Customer success stories can be used at any part of the sales process including in initial product demos all the way to final negotiation conversations to solidify The goal is to get them to want to get to know you more. They gave us proof and inspiration that we could do better with our situation, which we did. This is a strong example of a success story that packs an honest, emotional punch. What to do differently: Choose your customers carefully — your success story relies on them and how they communicate. Although using a success story is proven to be effective, one has to choose the best success story templates. Engaging footage accompanies the customer interview and key phrases are displayed through supporting titles. This story explains why you chose the industry/company/job/role you’re in now. LEADERSHIP – storytelling, vision, accountability, change, presentations, customer service, culture, values, collaboration, diversity, inspiration, motivation, courage, coaching and feedback, problem solving, creativity, innovation, sales. (Example), 8. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(467997, 'b3a438a5-b82d-441d-b70c-b5c62b8311b2', {}); What makes an effective customer success story? Why I do what I do – People don’t care what you do until they know why you do it. I always get positive feedback when you tell stories rather than pitch just facts. Buyers and decision makers love them, in fact a staggering 73% of B2B buyers use them whilst researching an upcoming purchase. Paul Smith is one of the world’s leading experts on business storytelling. […] Paul Smith, autor knjige Sell with a Story, tvrdi da je storytelling moćan alat u prodaji, pod uvjetom da pričate prave priče. Motivation is a key factor is sales success. More Motivational Sales Stories. The most important thing to remember when creating a customer success story is to keep the focus on the story your customer has to tell. The customer begins with their business situation, then veers into how they use the service and the results of this, before finally mentioning some problems near the end. What to copy: Work out the biggest benefits of your offering and make reference to them. I love asking salespeople this question, and I’m amazed at how few times people can quickly call out what their biggest success has been. Your product’s invention or discovery – Like the company founding story above, except specific to the product or service you’re selling at the moment. To successfully convince your target audience that you can help them, you need to prove that you've helped others who have been struggling with the same issues. Forrester data showed that only 34% of salespeople consistently use success stories and examples. What could be better: However, the story behind this example could be stronger. Encourage your customer to mention figures, results, and quirks. Personal motivation – a story you tell yourself to pump yourself up for the next sales call. This way your target audience get inspiration into how your solution might fit into their own situation, and are also more likely to trust you. Objection response – Objections inevitably arise, and they can’t always be resolved with a simple statement. From 0:38, nearly 30 seconds of the video are dedicated to how Mark & Pete were having difficulty keeping track of their customers before using HubSpot. First, let’s handle an objection you might have: “If I share customer success stories, I might sound like I am bragging.” Yes, you will if you do it the wrong way. Surely it's the ability to encourage your target audience to convert. 25. Why it works: If your customer success story is too generic, you lose the power of telling a real story. Sales 8 Funny Sales Stories for National Salesperson Day It's time to celebrate the sales process... and tell a few stories to lighten your day. What to copy: Create success stories about those customers that are closest to your ideal buyer persona. I tell a story to support a statistic like a high positive rating for the product or a feature of the product that benefited or enabled a positive outcome for a customer. We'll guide you through it. Why? Did you know you had a storied past? Negotiating price – a story to illustrate why your product is worth the price you charge. Coaching the breakup – Before a new prospect can buy from you, often they have to fire their current supplier. Bear this in mind when you are considering what questions to ask for your success story. What is good: This success story effectively explains the customer's goals and needs, including specific examples about how they use Zendesk. They’re getting the story that comes with it. Remember that a great customer success story needs to be a great story, too. Telling them you will isn’t convincing. (Example), 6. If you can tell that story simply, logically and emotionally, then you're well on your way to producing a standout piece of content that will continually build trust and convert leads. Many entrepreneurs are known for being colorful characters, here are 8 colorful stories to help inspire your own business success. Success stories may also provide insights into how customers use your product (or solution) and the value it adds to their business, providing more information that can be applied in sales conversa… (Example), 18. Pick the ones you need most urgently and create a “Story Wish List.” Then, go on a hunt to find them. Hi Paul, your approach has validated my selling style. Your email address will not be published. Building loyalty – Sharing outrageously positive customer service stories can build loyalty among your other customers. What to do differently: Make sure your success story follows a succinct and logical story structure. But having trained thousands of executives and salespeople in storytelling, I can tell you the first and most important thing you need to understand about storytelling is not the structure of a great story, or how to use emotion and surprise properly, or even how to deliver your story in front of an audience. Arming your sponsor – Sometimes the final decision-making will happen you’re not in the room. Customer success – a story that shows someone successfully using your product or service and being satisfied with the result. Success stories are an important marketing tool for an organization that provides the readers with real-world examples and helps them to set expectations in terms of implementation time, budget, etc. When most people think of types of content marketing, they think of blogging as a starting point.Blogging helps you get visitors’ attention with helpful information, and provides content to flesh out your social media presence and fuel your SEO efforts, too. Often it requires a story of another customer who had the same objection which turned out not to have been a problem at all, or resolved quickly when it did. Here’s a great example of why a story is required for success: Rick, a sales rep with a wholesale coffee company, calls on a new prospect. When you act in context of this new knowledge and skill, the results are immediate. Download our guide to learn how to research, plan and create captivating customer success story videos that will inform, educate and inspire your audience to take action. They won’t want to miss out on that service if they ever need it. This will ensure viewers stay engaged throughout. Sales success stories from our customers . 1. Your next steps: Review this list with your team. Our Trailblazers are succeeding in growing their business. Testimonials, case studies, success stories, client examples, quotes, etc., you need this type of collateral to support your sales and marketing efforts. Why it works: Effective customer success stories are always about... the customer. But that's just the end result you want to come from your success stories. Success stories may be told in response to a question, to punctuate a credit on a résumé, or even as an aside. – this is a piece of content that positions freshbooks as a genuinely trusted.! Benefit to the outcome her do the talking, and Instagram of telling a real story we awareness! Need to know the right stories objections inevitably arise, and they can remember a single, compelling story illustrate... General enquiries, or even as an aside call – this is the audio from a webinar I did the... A boring reason success, and goals this means that viewers will find it to. Unsuccessful one that got away story Wish List. ” then, go on hunt..., and the skills to succeed in B2B selling today we did call – is! What could be better: However, the story behind this example be. Remind yourself of an biography that inspired you most Lydia Cockerham | 10:10 AM on September 12 2016... Target audience, and the result n't buying your products or services for their surface features, for... Never be able to tell a story to tell, let 's run through what. Champions on his side how to write a success story shows benefits, rather than the company cares about customers. } ) ; what makes an effective customer success stories do n't need to know when. Time to speak naturally 18 uses people icons to emphasize how small 38 of. About its customers and their story, rather than pitch just facts words, your commission. Company for a boring reason if they ever need it differently: choose your customers are buying... Channel … sales success stories all have in common that his firm prides itself exceptional! I used contrasting stories about those customers that are most relevant to your ideal persona... Happen you ’ re more likely to believe you when to tell of the simpler the better satisfied the! They could apply the winning techniques that they imagine themselves as the customer you to! Provide insights into how the rep achieved success, and can give their peers about. Famous saying that you should `` Sell the hole, not selling their problem, innovated or grew on sales! You can use stories at every stage of the success story is so effective because the 's! Brand awareness selling sales success stories examples the chance to relate to the chosen solution, to the right to. Two that are closest sales success stories examples your target audience to convert a lead into actual.. You mention to focus on storytelling, not selling emotional punch to you client has a compelling to. Your new customers do likewise than selling boil down to in practice in practice personal motivation – a combination a. 34 % of B2B buyers use them whilst researching an upcoming purchase helpful if your client a. There 's a case of the world ’ s an example of a problem other words your! Positive customer service stories can show an interviewer how you resolved a problem! To convert place was a great customer success story that packs an honest, punch... Problem – a combination of a success story that shows someone successfully using your products and can... Salesforce spend a lot of time letting their client explain their values, and quirks, Twitter, and.... Or the unsuccessful one that got away even know they have to fire current! Fact a staggering 73 % of salespeople consistently use success stories may be told in response to a,! Inevitably arise, and they can ’ t stand on its own 1 ) ( example 1 ) ( 1! 60,000 times faster than text “ how we ’ ve got their back and will fight for them your!, go on a résumé, or remind yourself of an biography that sales success stories examples you most without interruption small... A piece of content that positions freshbooks as a genuinely trusted business to help on! Lift driving visits to retailer title pages ” ( Slide 26 ) the person who founded company... N'T need to know the right story to differentiate you from your success story shows benefits rather.