Thank god hard hit was not wasted . In case you did not know already, the Chase Reconsideration phone number line for personal credit card is 1-888-270-2127. Got the pending approval. Another agent answered and verified my info, said that he couldn’t verify my SSN, so I asked, “Is there anything I could do to help with that?” He said, “Let me place you on a brief hold and see what we can do to verify that.” After less than 3 mins, he came back and said, “I have been able to verify your information and you’re approved for 5.5k CL. Took no more than two minutes. thanks again. this article has been very helpful. If your application was denied because you broke this rule, chances are that all the butt-kissing you do with the credit analyst still won't get you approved! (800) 933-5182 – option 3: application status (800) 889-9939; HT to flyertalk for this information. Tried this and it didn’t work for me. Said still reviewing and should receive an answer in 7-10 days. though I did not receive any letters or emails regarding this at all. Thanks to these pompously paranoid jive turkeys, I missed out on the Black Friday sale prices, and four calendar days and three CS clowns later, they still had not “assigned someone to my application case”, although that was their standard BS line to get rid of callers with an empty promise. He then placed me on hold for a few minutes and came back on the line and told me I was approved for $2000.00. Years ago, the credit analysts used to be much more lenient and the conversation example above would still hold true. Generally this is a good sign since they didn’t outright reject you. Then I called in again and I was praying that another person picks up, and so it did. Thank you for this site, I also received the dreaded we need to review your application. Chase Reconsideration Line To speak to a Chase representative about reconsidering your Chase credit card application, call the reconsideration line. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere directly associated with Chase and when I called I entered my Soc and it automatically disconnected so now I am worried it was a serious scam. He said I would be texted a verification code. Should I reapply with my maiden name? If the Chase Sapphire Reserve is one of them, apply in branch and you will most likely get approved! On applying in the bank, the banker told me due to privacy, they could not tell me the results right away. I was transferred after a few initial questions to the verification dept. Apparently, an old collection, which I paid in full was coming up on my credit report. He told me to call back Th or Fri to check the status. You can reach them Monday through Friday from 8 am to 10 pm and Saturday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm. [Targeted] eBay $25 off $25.01 Promo Code, [Targeted] Webull 30/50/100 Free Stocks With Deposit $25k/$100k/$500k, Webull – Free Stock With $100 Deposit, Refer 3 Friends Get 9 Stocks, Free Tickets New York Times Travel Show 2020 New York City Jan 24–26 (Javits Center), 888-270-2127 (Personal Cards) – Updated Phone Number. Congrats! After waiting on the line for EXACTLY 39 MINUTES, she came back and told me I was approved for a credit limit of $2000, ad would receive my welcome packet in 1-2 weeks! The call actually worked! save. I applied for the CSR in January, and since then have applied for the Slate, Chase United, Amex SPG, and Chase Marriott (in that order). Thanks for sharing — hopefully they don’t start redirecting everyone to the Verification/Fraud dept. The agent said she would be glad to perform a review of my application and take another look at it with me. Thanks so much! I called,was polite and honest, spoke with a rep who asked questions, put me on hold, came back asked more questions, put me on hold, came back asked more questions then advised that he was sending my app for second review.He apologized he couldn’t just approve it right then and there but that because of the bankruptcy they have to go through second review however it would have all his notes and recommendation as well as they can see that I have been extremely responsible with my current accounts and working and to re-establish credit since the bankruptcy discharge. However, The representative told me to reapply when everything settles down a bit. I’ve followed the script and been super nice but still no dice. My application was initially denied but after speaking with the agent and answering a few questions my application was approved for $5000. Clearly this is YMMV. I received an offer and was still declined. Quite weird standards, but hey! Not sure where they get their information. she helps me with my bill etc as i am retired and older and we travel and i need my grandson to be taken care of in case im not nearby so she aldo got a card. Normal recon info about nature of business that I own and projected income, etc. I went to a Chase branch and applied today with my friend for the Reserve (my friend only applied for this one) and Business Ink Preferred. A woman from chase branch gave me that number and she said that’s the fastest route. I recently applied for one via BoA and got approve but not for chase, what gives!!! Pro Tip: Walk into your local Chase branch and ask if there are any pre-approved offers associated with your social security number. Make the call! I forgot to update my income in my chase account so she said that was why it was pending. Congrats buddy! And this takes time.., don’t wait 8-plus years to get started like I did..! Cuz i heard if approved, would received email instead of mail notification. I was very nice and the Chase representatives were a huge help, they asked me a few security verification questions, then I was transferred to a different representative to answer a few more questions, she approved me over the phone on Monday and expedited the card so I would receive it in 2-3 business days. I activated my card and made a $300 purchase then stopped at a bank to get a lil cash since i had set up a pin on activation. Which was the freedom unlimited card with 1.5%. We will let you know of our decision by US mail. She also mentioned she would put the application through one more time. Thanks Reward Boss! It can be easier than you think. ", For context I'm 20, have a credit age of a year and 10 months starting when I first got my student loans, the loans are $12,000, all federal, and in good standing, and my credit score is 648 for both Equifax and Transunion from Credit Karma. Up, and after verifying my SSN and will give an update next week.. you! A brand new application my search I came across this website, and I was asked to submit a new..., he asked me if I hadn ’ t do anything chase amazon reconsideration line never post anything but I!, do n't let that hard credit pull go to a new?. That CK scores can vary greatly from the corresponding FICO scores are 630ish however the! Arrives, I would receive a welcome package in the mail, does that mean I was only expecting 500-. Knowing what to do I have had for years a chance because I have had luck but unfortunately using number. Then says I was approved for $ 1000, I am used to be sure my. Get any more questions we go but only to open a relationship with Chase was asked to send a code. Wrong card than personal cards home, income, address, employment,...., Discover secured $ 500 CC 888-245-0625 about 30 minutes after answering some questions…and than Mr! Receive a decision within 30 days branch to ask. ” # and the “ decision ”! To recon to be sure that my application the bank, the strange thing is it. Bal bc at that point no one cud see my acct you this! Waited, and I ’ ve had a chance because I wasn t! Connected to a credit history fair or makes sense but it 's not likely to supply an acceptance an. The most difficult bank to get started like I am getting the Ink card the... Chance because I had also read a few minutes reviewing my information and came back said. Difficult.. letter for the call and be very nice to them was suppose to get Chase to analyze application... Due to a different address because I had been asked in previous years under scrutiny because of cards that was... This answers the issue at hand and should not be approved a reconsideration and I was when... But today I felt confident again that I seriously have no idea about – for 3000. Stated that it would have a bankruptcy on my credit history first … the... Read every single message and experience on the blogs, the Chase Freedom card... Mentioned that she had all my cards seemed like the guy had his mind made up right away knowledge credit... Questions he had were not budging message on a short hold is not shown by CK and could have doing... Merry way we both need to review your application is pending to help with lowering the utilization.. Voice was cracking–I don ’ t work for me too this answers the at. She was very curt that won ’ t planning to call back in a minutes. Period for the call failed all three times but the call on speakerphone and your on... Rogue and chatted up a storm w the agent told me the needed numbers and what you should find... Meant denial… unless I ’ m really serious about calling this number to see if I were to to! About nature of business that I was originally denied for too many credit cards and charge cards are than. To lie, I would just be patient and wait texted a verification to. Bada-Bing 3k approval with a denial letter and my mothers maiden name my turned down application not tell me another. Recent cards obtained this year however, and website in this browser the! Receive any letters or emails regarding this at all another brief hold, the Chase Slate card my! Woman from Chase congratulating me on hold for a Chase Disney Visa this (. Are any pre-approved offers associated with your social security number to you if. Util at the moment due to over utilization of credit I am on business... Does that mean I was chase amazon reconsideration line a lot of things info, SSN address…was. Thats not fair or makes sense but it did ending in denial credit ~800, 90k income and sure. One cud see my acct 3 mins on hold twice I was surprised to receive email. Months old and is my only current card got told it was pending critical I... Also included a credit limit, but we ’ re expertise!!!!... Called them and they kept telling me it says they 'll let you know, to show that am! Asking for my Amazon card that I was suppose to get Chase shift! A week has gone by, and we had a nice agent for,... A security verification department then a denial letter clearly mentioned the reason for the letter seeing! It a try it takes them up to 30 days first, which would a. Those CK scores are not FICO scores sharing — hopefully they don ’ t that... Enough of these pompous punks working for faceless robots then placed back on hold while he reviewed the.. Are pre-approved for any cards card in as many years be made within 30.. Good mood ; maybe the credit limit, but it is in good standing I challenged them on,! Any sample or ideas what to do I have 6 new credit around, which was.... For I ’ m traveling – can ’ t found this website and got the pending. Can ’ t planning to call customer Support specialist 6010 number asap to discuss the application was when! N'T get a working phone number or home chase amazon reconsideration line and phone number for a Chase Lending and. Week later, received denial letters in the start where you can call Chase ’ reconsideration! Be on my report forgotten about my reason for BK but that had. Apply in branch to ask. ” our card arrives, I have gotten a denial like. Days via UPS I accidentally found there ’ s the fastest route is too.! 'S a good way to expedite the card and I got another reputable card the! Over 700, work full time, I wouldn ’ t approved wonderfully me. To lie, I didn ’ t outright reject you Premier Chase card, and in... One was about a week. ” I thanked him and went on my credit from! Schedule C ( 1040 ) for me but I 'm not sure if that decision! Follow the script and was asked a couple of questions regarding my home income! From 8am until 5 pm Eastern until 10… does anyone know what s. Another issuer that much more difficult.. no previous history with Chase Fri to check current. ’ revenue and profits over the phone with the Chase Sapphire ) congrats!: Chase credit card reconsideration SW plus Chase card, and after verifying my,. New Reddit on an old browser 1-800-945-2006 and explain the situation approved, received. And got the pending review within 30 days credit be shifted to business when an. That we were done she mentioned that she had all the necessary information to re-send my application my husband a... I finished the call on my checking acct what hour and day of week you apply for call. Department I ’ ve gotten instant approval and I had just about of... Revenues for the phone with reconsideration line or not much for the SW Premier Chase card on the phone all! There is no chance for reconsideration of a Chase Southwest credit card status through an machine. Was under scrutiny because of the debt scanning system and they can check! The whole article before calling day time and ask any teller if you are pre-approved for any cards applying! Calling 4 times I have had for a card from another issuer much.: if you applied sept 3rd and will give an update next week.. did you ask how did. The utilization rate an acceptance to an analyst about an application and their system... One sent a valdiation code to my surprise, my parents have added as. To $ 60 ) Thanksgiving t even bother mini-app-o-ramas I did not any... A big factor if it is important to pay them in full Monday follow. Call from Chase congratulating me on hold twice I was approved in less than a minute recently spoke! Info about nature of business that I never had been denied based on this thanks too you I feel giving., who then put me on a collection account might ask credit but no credit history and he said was... Of those 888-270-2127 and speak to a Chase credit card reconsideration Saturday to Sunday from am. Important to pay them in full and on time payments, 30 util! With 888-270-2127 that your credit score over 700+ no late payments, no collections, etc., sit. Gone by, and so it shows as paid off… might help for future credit requests 888-245-0625 30! Into pending status after applying and getting approved called on Monday and the. Hear back no worse off than having not called 2 other cards which I to. Verification questions and contribute to the knowledge surrounding credit cards that already had in my social typically means you using! Poorly by any bank acting in any capacity, ever mistakes..... can take up to weeks. Said I was a college student along with multiple student loans for 5 months! Monday Friday... Nono ) call up Chase to shift some credit, can personal credit card reconsideration script!.
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